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Detox Programmes

A two week Metabolic Detox programme is a great place to start on the road to wellness.

The Programme allows you to eat healthy meals and includes nutritional support with supplements from one of the UK’s leading quality supplement companies.

When followed correctly previous participants have seen a reduction in weight, increased energy, improved sleep and skin condition.

As toxins are stored in fat cells this programme can help to encourage long term weight loss.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I am able to provide support and guidance throughout the process. The detox programme includes an initial consultation, supplements, meal planners and support though the process.

Here’s what a previous participant had to say about the programme:

I began the two-week detox with some trepidation as I was going to have to give up chocolate and alcohol, take lots of pills, eat unfamiliar food and not be able to have a snack just when I felt a few pangs of hunger. I was determined that I would complete the regime without ‘cheating’ and so steeled myself as I began it. It soon turned out to be much easier than I had anticipated, no doubt because two weeks is a relatively short period of time and I was mentally ticking off the days from the outset.

I took the pills as instructed, thoroughly enjoyed the banana and pineapple drink and kept to the recommended recipes. Throughout the two weeks I did not feel hungry at any time. I did not miss alcohol at all and only had a few fond glances at an unopened box of chocolates that dropped through the front door from my chocolate club, just after I had started the regime. Throughout the two-week period not only did I not feel any adverse effects, I felt much, much healthier. I had no pain in my feet, hands and knees (probably arthritic), had no mood swings and felt cleansed throughout.

Having finished the regime, I have not drunk any alcohol and do no miss it; my chocolate intake has gone down by 60-70% and I have lost more than one stone in weight.

Mrs M from Leeds